Sunday, October 11, 2015

Comments Needed by Oct 21, 2015

North Star Solar is applying for a site permit in Chisago County.  This will be a 800+ acre area that is currently in corn/soybean agriculture use.  

This huge solar array will be underplanted with native plants in varying sizes to fit under the array.  I have seen the planting list and it is very appropriate and will provide high quality nectar and pollen.  This will be a huge boon to pollinators in an area that is currently devoid of pollinator habitat.

The last public hearing before the Public Utilities Commission is Wednesday October 7th in North Branch.  They are accepting verbal and written comments at that time.  The written comment period endsOct 21. Please show your support by writing a comment, it goes a long way.  

Attached is the PDF will the full docket information, and here is where you can go to submit comments: MN Public Utilities Commission - Speak Up!

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