Bee Activism

Consider signing our petition:

to show land managers our interest in having solar developments planted with pollinator forage. Click:

I'm for pollinator plants in solar farms

Wasps and bees stings in perspective: 25 million to 1 odds is a pretty low risk

Credo petition of Ace and True Value to stop selling neonics

Plant waterway buffers for pollinators

Here's the Minnesota DNR information on its June 2015 buffer legislation for lakes, rivers, streams and ditches.

Plant choices need to be perennial. Here's the planting guide for much of our area.

Squeaky wheels needed

If you have been ever called ‘a pain in my backside’ you are just the person the bees need to contact roadway decision makers. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture put out a very helpful brochure, Pollinator Best Management Practices for Roadsides and other Right-of Ways to assist you with these requests.

Cascadian Farms and the Xerces Foundation 

Product code submittal raises money for the University of Minnesota Bee Lab and Xerces Foundation for helping bees. See for details.

Support H.R. 2692, Saving America's Pollinator Act

Call the capitol toll free 1-855-686-6927 and ask for your representative.

Share the following message:
Please support H.R. 2692, the Saving America's Pollinators Act, introduced by Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Earl Blumenauer.  This bill would protect bees by requiring the EPA to suspend the use of four of the pesticides belonging to the neonicotinoid class until their safety can be determined.  It would also charge the EPA with monitoring bee health.

Take the Pollinator Revival Pledge to your local retailer

Educate them about any harmful products they have on their shelves. resources to help you do this are at Pollinator Revival as well as the pledge for retailers.

Announce Your Bee Friendly Yard

Pledge to provide a pesticide free haven for bees and buy a cute yard sign at:  Honey Bee Haven

Get a yellow Bee Safe Yard sign at: Humming for Bees with donation after agreeing to their pledge.

Buy a Healthy Bees Healthy Lives Sign after taking their pledge at: Healthy Bees Healthy Lives

Additional Suggestions 

Tips and Tools for Protecting Honey Bees:  Bee the Change

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