Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sticky highlights from last nights meeting

The Honey Bee Club of Stillwater meeting last night was a sticky and caloric affair.  Honey from our own beekeepers was passed as well as exotic honey from places afar such as Norway and Hawaii.  Honey truffles, cookies, and Darlene Sitko's amazing baklava were all passed.  The only thing missing was the mead to toast Bob and Darlene's 52nd wedding anniversary!  52 years must be the Honey Anniversary.

A clever idea for 'set' honey
Brady Maroney showed us his honey liquefier, that will de-crystallize a 5 gallon bucket of honey overnight using a 100 watt bulb.

Gary Gehrman is looking for help to change the beekeeping ordinance in Oak Park Heights. Gary kept bees in OPH, but was booted out after a complaint of a possible bee allergy by someone in the hood.  Since Gary is not an Oak Park Heights resident, it would be helpful to have a resident to help spear this project.  The Honey Bee Club of Stillwater will do what we can to help in his endeavor.  

Time Change Alert
It was agreed to start the meetings at 6:30 instead of 7:00.  This change will start for the January meeting.  

Other topics briefly discussed:
  • A membership list for our members
  • The possibility of someone learning how to use the camera at Valley Access TV to shoot hive filming
  • Organizing a public viewing of "The Vanishing Of The Bees" at the Stillwater Public Library
  • Getting a group together to assemble hive equipment
  • Ordering supplies from Mann Lake as a group
The Russians Are Coming!
We hope to see you ALL next month when we have Mary Wingfield discuss her experience with Russian bees.  

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